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We create King Content that attracts Leads and Sales

About Andrei Atudorei I’m Andrei Atudorei – Marketing and Management student at Newcastle University, and founder of King Content Media.

Writing has been my favourite hobby in the past 5 years. I spent this time building many different blogs – both mine and my clients’, as a freelancer – from zero to a considerable readership.

This experience taught me what makes people “tick” online, as well as what makes search engines find content with ease.

I started King Content Media from a desire to provide real value to the people who love to read online content.

When you read my writing, you dedicate your valuable time to what I have to tell you. I never want to waste that time. That’s why I strive to provide the maximum value to you with every word.

Our articles are beautiful and professional-looking, yet easy to read and efficient in communicating the message. People love to share them, and Google loves to index them high in their result pages.

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PS: I also take pride in being able to write just over 130 words per minute.

That’s over 11 keystrokes per second! :)

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